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“I looked up, and there it wasn’t!” So said the great Scottish naturalist, David Stephen, talking about watching wildlife. He could just as easily have been talking about photography.

In a world of constant motion; a world of ceaseless change and activity, here we are trying to make it all stand still ...with a camera. A pretty optimistic idea - having everything looking just right, just so, balancing in just the right place, at just the right time. For me it's impossible to imagine not having a go.

Here in Scotland - from the stunningly beautiful county of Dumfries & Galloway, to the huge, dramatic skies of the North - there's always something to catch the eye.

Many of these images are available as original Greetings Cards which can be seen in The Card Galleries.

All other images can be seen in The Photo Galleries with some available here at my Red Bubble site.

However you arrived here, please enjoy!

All the very best,

John Dewar

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